Ollie in the Clouds

Last spring, I was part of a team of 8 graduate students at Savannah College of Art and Design that made a animated short film in 10 weeks! The film was an exploration of the hybrid possibilities of CG and stop motion animation.  The challenge of integrating these two worlds was a wonderful problem solving experience. I was in charge of the vfx, lighting, rendering and compositing for the film. I also helped lead the stop motion fabrication team, built the cloud world and the cloud shepherd.  The 10 week film timeline was a real challenge, but our limitations provided the best learning experience imaginable.  Everyone on the team stretched their talents, put in their very best work, and devoted all their efforts to the film.  Though we could continue working on this project, we decided to post the film and share it with everyone. Enjoy!

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Summer Update!

Hey all! It's been a minute. There will be a major update coming soon with lots of new work!

I spent the last five months making an animated music video for William Elliot Whitmore.  Will and my co-director Joel Anderson are both amazing friends from way back when and the project was a total pleasure.  All of the animation is animated by hand and features a hybrid of 2D and puppet animation.  My new friend Brock Barber assisted in animating a huge portion of the video and is a supremely hard working animator, a talented artist and technically giant human. The music video will be hopefully be released in the fall.

I also had the total honor of working with the Yellow Bird Project on their film A Matter of TIme, an documentary feature film about musician Kathryn Calder of the New Pornographers and her mother's battle with ALS. I designed and created the animated end credits for the film.  It was my first motion graphics project and I'm super excited about it. The film is premiering at the Raindance Festival in London and hopefully we will see US release at festivals around the states soon... 

Cheers and Happy End of Summer!

Vivid Festival

Twist (3:24)

Twist (3:24)

The amazing visionaries over at Universal Everything invited me to contribute animation for a film project projected on the Sydney Opera House. The project was a collaborative film, made for the Vivid Festival of Light Sound and Ideas. Universal Everything teamed up with 20 studios from all around the world and gave everyone a color palette and a keyword. Each studio was free to create in their own way. My keyword was "TWIST".

I'm super honored to have been involved in this endeavor and happy to share the work with a larger audience. My 30 second section was made in collaboration with my cousin Nevada, who is an all star diving champion and all around great young human. His diving footage was reference for the animation. I love the idea of creating a family member's image, projecting it around the world and onto an international landmark.

New website is here!


Hey friends and strangers!

Here is my new website, I rebuilt it to allow for growth in the next few years. I'm in the last year of my MFA program here in Savannah, and haven't updated the internet with new work in so long.  I thought an update and new coat of paint would make this space a bit more appealing and new. Ultimately, I want to share all the work I'm making whether it's an insanely huge film project or simply an experiment I've been working on in my graduate program.  I have lots of new projects in the works and this will be a better space to collect all the work in progress reports and process photos as these new projects develop.  Yeah! Oh and since this is Year 2 of our recent move down South.. I find myself really missing home (Mpls).  In making the site more active, maybe little bits of me can wind their way up the Mississippi back to the crystal blue waters of my old home, or something. Boom. New site. New work. Enjoy!