I put together a demo video showing the process of casting expandable foam puppets!

Cloud Shepherd

Made for "Ollie in the Clouds," a Collaborative CG/Stopmotion Hybrid film made by animation graduate students at the Savannah College of Art and Design. This puppet was designed by Mian Qin. It was a great experience transforming the design into a puppet.  Also built the stop motion cloud sets and was the lighter for the film. Our production blog can be found here.

Brass, Aluminum, Epoxy, Balsa, Felt, Cotton, Sculpey

Ball and Socket Armature Timelapse

Julian Clark at www.stopmotionshop.com makes lovely ball and socket armature kits. I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in starting to work with ball and socket armatures. It is light and super durable.  The assembly isn't difficult, and the final puppet is rock solid with very fluid range of motion. It's going to be used for the hero character in my thesis film.

Polar Explorer Puppet

My very first exploration of silicone and expanding foam. It was a really beneficial learning experience full of trial and error.  It was made for a stop motion class. The assignment was to create a character and environment.  The character is based on 19th century Arctic explorers. I also sewed the costume and made the skis and poles.

Silicone, Foam, Aluminum, Fabric, Leather, Wood, Plastic